I am a huge what if-er (I hope you’re reading that how I am saying it in my head!).

  • What if I am not good enough?

  • What if people don’t like it?

  • What if a masked murderer chases me through the parking lot?

  • What if I trip?

You know, normal “what if” scenarios (LOL – But seriously those all go through my head!)

Finding what makes you special is so important. This blog was prompted by me talking myself into what was special about me. I will say, I am not sure I have completely found it, but I am surely on my way.

For me, I have always had a passion for fashion. Whether it would be clothing fashion or home-fashion (not that that’s a word, but I basically mean interior design) and would love to share that with the world through a blog. FYI – This is where the what-if-er in me comes out. It seems like nowadays, everyone is a fashion blogger, has an endless closet with endless clothing, and all that clothing is free because it’s given to them by a boutique or someone who wants them to promote their store/product.

So I am crazy right?! Crazy to think that I can be of that caliber, with such a great blog, with such great supporters and followers. Let’s be real, I know I am no Becca Tilley or Cara Loren, but like….I want to have a blog that people want to read as much as theirs!

(Ok, I will get to the point) What I really am saying is that we all have that one (or two, three or four) things that make us special, but we all also have that what-if/ Negative Nancy in our head that is stopping us from seeing it. For me, I listed all my wacky what-ifs above, but look! I am still trying to write a fashion blog, despite the what-ifs!

Trying to pursue that thing that makes you feel like you is the hardest part. I took the first step…now its your turn!



Dress - Amuse Society - Purchased at a Kitsch Couture, Los Gatos, CA