I think it is just a known fact of life that women are shoe addicts. I used to think that sounded ridiculous because I believed you only needed one of each type of shoe in each color (tan/black booties, tan/black flats etc.).

I think my bank account misses those days.

I’m not sure why/when the switch happen – and by switch – I mean when I decided that I needed a pair of shoes just because I needed the pair of shoes…but it happened.

These days, I see a pair and my mind is like, “Oh, you need that because you can wear it on that one Saturday where the weather will be XX and the time of day will be XX:XX and it will just absolutely make your outfit and without them your outfit will be ugly/not good enough – so buy them.” Just like that, I have convinced myself and there’s no stopping me. Some might call that a problem, but I call it adding to my collection and my investment in looking good.

Trust me, I have tried giving myself the life talk that just because that certain shoe is “in” right now and is necessary to looking the most in style, and one day shortly down the road it will be out of style, but that mindset of believing my life talk lasts all but however much time it takes for me to find another pair that I need. In other words, the life talk is never effective.

I know that there is no hope for me and whether I land a great job that makes me a great deal of money, or somehow marry someone who likes to buy me shoes, my addiction will always need to be fed.

I guess the takeaway that you all should take from this post is that you’ll/ it’ll all be ok. Your bank account might not be, but you’ll look good while its happening. That’s all that matters right?

“Life is short, buy the shoes!”

Here are some of my favorite shoes/ trends of the summer

Marc Fisher LTD ‘Asalyn’ Espadrille

(Don’t buy these yet if you’re a size 7 because I still haven’t purchased them!!)

Vans Old Skool Sneaker

Steve Madden Jole Embellished Slide Sandal