Ok, we all remember those short ass denim skirts from Abercrombie Kids or Limited Too (throwwwback) that seriously were one trip on the playground away from your little 12-year-old butt showing. Well – our mom’s made us wear shorts under them but that is beside the point.

Don’t get me wrong, we all looked so cute in them, but I definitely never saw them making such a big comeback! This is something I seem to find myself saying about almost every different fashion fad (Checkered Vans, High waisted Levi’s, big belt buckles, etc.) but its back and I love it!!!

No matter how much I love them, not too many brands are selling cute ones! Well they are cute…but not on all body types (aka people with buns and thighs LOL)! Since they can often be so short, it takes trying a few on before you’ll find the one. I have now purchased the two below.

These skirts are both SO cute. I could not resist the One Teaspoon skirt because it has that worn, distressed look that everyone is always loving. It would be best paired with a more simple top so that it doesn’t clash with the skirt. Then there is the Topshop skirt. Who doesn’t love how simple this one is. In comparison to the One Teaspoon skirt, I’d absolutely wear this one with a more statement top. Maybe something off the shoulder or even a simple T with some cute layered necklaces and vans!

I could not be more excited to wear these all through summer!



1. One Teaspoon 2020 Mini Skirt $107  (Purchased from Kitsch Couture – Los Gatos, CA

1. One Teaspoon 2020 Mini Skirt $107 (Purchased from Kitsch Couture – Los Gatos, CA)

2. Topshop Denim Mini Skirt $55. (Purchased from Nordstrom Online)