I feel like everyone important to me is on their way to LA. Whether that is for a job, change of scenery, or change of self....doesn't matter - but they are going. I recently visited my best friend in her new apartment in LA (though it wasn't my first time in LA) and I cannot lie and tell you that my creative mind wasn't imagining myself living there too.

If you know me, it might seem crazy that this homebody (me) who has always been obsessed with my hometown (bay area, CA) is now considering moving down south, but its happening!

I have such a love for fashion - as you might be able to tell by the theme of this blog, and LA is where I know I'd be able to pursue that passion.

That said, I wish it was as easy as that. I have a thing about letting people down, and though I know the job I currently have is probably not my lifes calling, I still want to do my best at it and make the people I work with proud. I have been there for a year, and I have loved every experience that I've had there (good or bad) but I know where my heart is calling me. I can honestly say its one of the only times my heart has called out for something so loudly - I think that is what makes it so scary.

Don't get me wrong, my heart calls out for a lot of things - like shoes and jeans and diamonds and cute tops. I always listen to that calling and it never fails me, so why would it now? This calling is similar to the calling to buy shoes but is SO MUCH bigger. Its like telling me that my life is waiting for me down there. Like my dreams to work in fashion and to start a beautiful family and to just find out who I am is ALL waiting for me down there.

So what am I going to do about it?

Well, my plan right now is to really prepare myself. That starts with preparing myself financially, and saving to the point where I will not have to worry about money and then I need to start job searching. There is one company that is on the forefront of my mind, so my job search is going to start there, but until then, I need to really beef up my resume, and continue to learn as much as I can in my current job.

All in all, I am realizing now that my story is just starting, and the journey is really ahead of me so I just need to prepare myself to experience it.

If you're interested in following it, keep reading my posts!!

Love always,


Are you in a pickle like me? I'd love to hear about it!!

Jeans - Levis / Aritzia

Shoes - Kristen Cavallari / Kitsch Couture

Purse - Louis Vuitton

Jacket - Mauritius / Kitsch Courture