Jeans are my favorite part of an outfit. I know, I know, that sounds weird, because what really makes an outfit is more like shoes or a top, but jeans are the part of the outfit that you have to do right. Its something that when you do it right, you don't really notice, but when you do it wrong, you definitely notice.

Right now, denim brands are really making their value known to the marketplace. They are presenting themselves as just what I mentioned them to be...the favorite part of the outfit; the part that you have to do right. From brands like GRLFRND to 7 For All Mankind, to Levis, they are all completely re-branding, to be more than just jeans and let me tell 'ya, I LOVE IT.

I am that girl that has 40 pairs of jeans (give or take a few) and is always looking to buy another. This year, I have bought at least one of the three brands that I mentioned above, and I would do it again in a second. We are all aware that Levi's are making a HUGE comeback and I think we are all loving it. Levi's are so classic that they work for ANY outfit from dressy (with a cute slick pump and top) to casual (white converse and a white t-shirt). Technically you can do this with any pair/ brand of jeans, but something about levi's is just....better. This might be because you know you are buying something that has proven to last and only get better with wear.

Here are a few of my favorite jeans: