ITS HAPPENING! My first friend from high school has gotten married!! This is a moment that my friends and I dreamed about when we in high school and now its happening. This makes me think of 2 of those is obviously that I am thinking holy sh*t I am getting old and the other is that I am so so happy for my friend!

Celebrating is great and all, but if you know anything about me, you know that I am always in a better mood when I look good (or at least feel like I look good) so this might not need to be said, but I was trippin' about what I was going to wear.

I was searching online like a mad woman trying to find the PERFECT dress but before I show you all of the contenders, I have to talk more about how to pick that perfect dress to wear to a wedding. There are a couple things to consider when you are choosing the perfect dress and also a couple, "no, no's"and Im going to tell you them all :)

What to Consider?

- What is the theme? (Country, black tie)

- Where is it? (Indoor or Outdoor)

- What season? (cold or hot)

- What time of day?

No No's

- Do NOT wear white (If you didn't already know that one, then let's chat separately LOL)

- Do not wear any crazy colors that might take attention away from the bride and her wedding party

- Do not wear any crazy prints (like cheetah)

Now that I have covered the high notes and things that will help you eliminate some options. Look below for some really good options and what I ended up wearing!! :)

Here is me!

Aguste Midi Dress


(REVOLVE has a really helpful wedding options)

Amanda Uprichard (Its not red it is maroon)

Lace Midi Dress

Privacy Please

Pretty Light Grey Dress